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Aerial Meter Reading and Leak Detection


Redefining AMR, DataFlyte’s Aerial Meter Reading processes can efficiently, accurately, and securely read, record and process data from thousands of meters per hour.


The DataFlyte team will work with each customer to meet its specific needs, including:

> Fast, efficient, accurate, and totally secure data collection

> Dramatic cost reductions in almost every case

> Significant savings over capital-intensive AMI infrastructure

> Working with most brands of AMR meters

> The ability to reassign scarce human resources

> Real-time total system readings for leak detection solutions

> Comprehensive reports (including error codes and meter alarms)

> Custom reports and specialized data formats available

> Secure backup of all meter data is archived for two years

> Web-based and cloud-based services that work around your schedule and fit your needs

> Eliminating or reducing the need for estimated billing

> Consolidating cash flow from a single billing cycle per month

> Satisfying customers with accurate and timely data

> Developing an interface for customer usage data and periodic billing


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